Keep calm hit a bong and open your eyes to what the world has to offer. Life is a journey in which there does'nt have to be a destination.


Smokin this blunt with the crumble in the middle. So tasty.


I am 22 years old, I work for the government, and this is my bed.

Maybe our government is in better hands than I thought


when you’ve been swimming and water is in your ear


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100 days of happiness #day11

Live in the now originated as my youthful party not give a fuck representational tattoo. As i grew older i achieved what i thought it would have meant. I went to college. Anything and everything about those four words should explain what i mean by i achieved what i thought live in the now meant. I went nuts and didn’t give a fuck but in the process i discovered that i don’t live in the now at all. I dwell on the past or at least i use to and i think to much about the future. I learned what if meant to actually live in the now at electric forest. It wasn’t about partying and going hard and being reckless. It was about forgetting about the past negativity and the future stress. Live in the now was about not letting those things change what could happen. Anything could happen and you shouldn’t let yourself ultimately ruin yourself from having a good time and being successful. At the forest I did whatever felt necessary at the moment for the moment. Now i realize that i need to place that way of living in my everyday life but with a twist of responsibility. Achieve whatever it is you want to because at the end of it all all that matters is what you want. Thats whats gonna get you throughout the rest of your life. Living for whats right in front of your face and enjoying every minute of it no matter how the outcome. Truth is i don’t do this every day. And for that i am grateful i have the tattoo. It reminds me everyday that i should be living that way.

- was watching a movie which gave me a new tattoo idea and then i decided to think about the tattoos i already have and the amazing meaning behind them that i sometimes forget about. I am happy right now because i am happy. Thats all that matters.

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I need to know your lips nothing ever mettered to me more then this  ❤

Only lesbian for Demi. 💖🌸

Brasil 2014: La película